About Us

Our Samurai Roots

After spending the last 20 years servicing the IT recruitment industry with a focus on placing top ServiceNow professionals, we came to the realization that a major gap existed within the ServiceNow marketplace due to the lack of ServiceNow knowledge being provided by the very same gatekeepers that ServiceNow partners were entrusting to protect their ever-evolving and fragile ServiceNow ecosystems.

The Way of the Samurai

With our highly specialized ServiceNow recruitment practice, you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best in certified ServiceNow talent. We understand the difficulties of finding and retaining qualified top ServiceNow professionals in today’s ever-growing Service Management landscape. This is why at SamuraiNow we take great pride in the fact that all of our staff have a deep-rooted understanding of all ServiceNow products and offerings. Our specialized ServiceNow team have been armed with the most powerful tools on the marketplace and they possess the necessary drive to harness the power of our extensive knowledge base and network of qualified ServiceNow candidates who are ready to step in and take on even the most challenging projects.

This approach begins with a deep-dive into our clients’ unique corporate cultures. This is followed by a uniquely tailored recruitment strategy to meet your induvial ServiceNow needs. It ends with the perfect hires that complete or act as a valuable new extension to your existing team so your company can achieve its most ambitious ServiceNow goals. We’re in it for the long haul as your recruitment partner through all the highs and lows, and we can’t wait to celebrate your big wins!

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The Samurai Mission

Our mission is to build better ServiceNow ecosystems ー period. We genuinely care about helping people, and we take a thoughtful approach when placing top talent in some of the very best organizations across North America. We believe strength lies in diversity and that leadership can only be as strong as their supporting teams.

Samurai’s Core Values

Our core values start within our walls, and permeate every relationship and team that we build:


Honour is much more than just a word, it is the Samurai Way! That is why we approach our business in the same way. As we apply the same 7 principles of the Bushido code used by Samurai for generations into every aspect of our specialized recruitment service. Our strong beliefs in ethical diversity and complete transparency allow us to always follow the right path and always do what is best for our clients.


Passion is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe of any successful company and without passion, true success can never be full achieved. Through this belief we have fully integrated ServiceNow into all aspects of our lives to deliver you the absolute highest quality of Certified ServiceNow professionals on the market today that are as passionate about helping your ServiceNow business as we are.


Diversity and inclusion are part of our DNA. It is our belief that diversity leads to more out of the box type thinking which in turn helps us provide more innovative and effective staffing solutions for our clients. Together, we continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages and continues to support and celebrate the diverse voices of our employees and customers.

In addition to helping our clients grow their ServiceNow footprints and guiding our ServiceNow professionals into their next challenging role, we proudly support purpose-driven organizations aligned with our core values.