Chef Samurai’s Linkedin Special Menu Contest

Here at SamuraiNOW we are passionate about the power of the ServiceNow platform but we are also passionate about fueling our daily activites with the most delicious food we can get our hands on.
How it works:
When SamuraiNOW’s Linkedin page reaches 1000 we will be giving away a unique custom dining experience. Eligibility: Simply sign up to follow our Linkedin page and make sure you are still a member when we reach 1000 members (or March 31st 2024) and we will draw one lucky winner
We do things a little bit differently here at SamuraiNOW so instead of offering you a genaric gift card to some medicore chain restaurant, we thought we would integrate our food expertise with the precision of an ITOM master and create a customized food experience just for you. The winner will specify their favourite genre of food and we will select one of our favourite restaurants in your area (Sorry only North American residents are elegible) and we will send you there for a nice dinner for 2!
Mouth Watering Credetials: Please refer to some of Chef’s creations below

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