Referral Program

Samurai Rewards


Send us candidates & companies, and we will send you cash rewards everytime a successful placement is made!

Permanent Referral Candidate

1st placement – $1000

2nd placement – $1250

3rd placement – $1500

Referral must work 90 days to validate reward.

Temporary Referral Candidate

$250 ー every time!
Referral must work 160 hours to validate reward.

Company Referral

For a placement made at your referred company when they become a SamuraiNOW client, you will receive $1500 and for every additional Permanenet close you would receive an additional $500 and $125 for every Contract placement!
Review complete terms .

Terms & Conditions Apply:

  • Referred clients must sign a SamuraiNOW client agreement before SamuraiNOW can begin recruiting for their open positions. Rewards will not be issued if we already have an active agreement with them.
  • Temporary hires must work 160 hours to validate reward.
  • Referee [the person that introduces us to the referral] can not be currently employed at the referred company.
  • Rewards will be sent via check upon completion of specified employment duration, as specified above and will be paid out in the currency where the placement originated.

Claim a candidate or client you have referred

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    What is your referral seeking?

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